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Your network and security devices, servers, applications, PCs, and other systems are constantly generating logs, log files, and other data. Analyzing this data can provide visibility into your IT infrastructure and answer critical business questions about your applications, compliance, security, and IT operations management. TIBCO LogLogic® log management products can be used to monitor IT operational performance, manage threats and security information, troubleshoot network problems, audit cloud operations, tame IT big data, and optimize compliance management.

Key enterprise-class features that set our log management products apart include:

Extreme Scalability
    • Collection Rates:
    • Up to a blazing fast 250,000 events per second per appliance


    • Proven Capacity:
    • Billions of logs, log files, and other data can be handled daily


    • Log Sources:
    • Collection and management of text and non-text messages from any log source


    • Distributed Architecture:
    • Logs, log files, and other data from potentially thousands of remote sites can be aggregated using a guaranteed and secure distributed universal collection framework


    • Deployment:
    • Both virtual and physical appliance options


Granular Data Retention Management
    • Flexibility to add external storage (NAS, SAN)


    • Source-level data retention policies and role-based access to all data and reports for greater data privacy


Compliance without Complexity


    • Reduced time, cost, and frustration with audit-quality compliance reports, alerts, and prepackaged dashboards for major mandates including COBIT, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO, ITIL, NERC, and PCI DSS


    • Customizable report workflow manager that simplifies the review and audit process for internal and external policy adherence


High-Speed Data Filtering and Forwarding
    • Patented high-speed parallel forwarding of filtered log data to those who need it most


    • IT operations management; security information management; governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management, and managed security service providers (MSSP) – helps you reduce storage and management costs and improve staff efficiency and network utilization